06 Jun 2024

Mitchell USA, a premier skincare brand, has launched a new skincare routine for women with busy schedules with simple yet effective solutions that blend in easily into daily routines. It has launched three signature sub-brands for varied skincare needs. All the products have natural ingredients.

The Age-less range is for women who want rejuvenated and youthful skin. It has serums, eye treatments, and creams with peptides, antioxidants, and the patented Lotus Seed extract formulation. They help reduce winkles, fine lines, and improve skintone. All the products are in the range of Rs 1,000.

The LigthenUp range is specifically for pigmentation and dark spots. It includes, spot correctors and moisturising creams to enhance radiance. It is made with Imperial Peony Flower Extract sourced from Mt JiriSan, South Korea. This range is priced at Rs 800.

The Clear Balance range is ideal for managing tanned and deeply toned skin, and dull complexion. It has gel cleansers, moisturisers, and toners that are infused with highest grade of Saffron from Iran, which is meant to neutralise free radicals and promote cell renewal. Priced at Rs 1000, it keeps the skin firm and improves the glow.

All the products are available on the company website and other popular marketplaces.