mCaffeine has expanded its Cocoa range with the launch of six new Cocoa Kiss Lipsticks in nude shades, including Blush-Slush, Rose Martini, Mauve Velvet, Mocha Muse, Caramel Marvel, and Choco Melt. With the launch, the brand also started a unique #DareToIndulge campaign, which asks beauty enthusiasts to be bold and adventurous as they explore these new shades.

The new lipsticks are rich, creamy with a lot of moisturization, making them comfortable to wear and at the same time make a statement.

mCaffeine Cocoa Kiss Lipsticks have been formulated after thorough research that showed that there were no hydrating lipsticks in the market and no nude shades for the Indian skin tone. Thus, the brand came up with lipsticks that look good and also offer nourishment to the lips. With features like intense hydration, lightweight feel and long-lasting, these lipsticks are evenly pigmented and offer continuous nourishment and conditioning to the lips, giving it a smooth and soft texture. The matte finish of the lipsticks looks elegant, while the mild fragrance has a delightful sensation of chocolate in line with the Cocoa theme.