06 Jun 2024

Once made famous by actress Twiggy, lower lashes are ‘on trend’ once again! Older techniques are being revived and new techniques being used to enhance them in professional treatments. According to Salon Systems educator Lisa Stone, the lower lashes enhancement has been influenced a lot by the 60’s model Twiggy and this baby doll look has been making a comeback every now and then, with makeup artistes styling it in unique ways.

Lower lash extensions is one of the techniques, though it differs from how the upper lashes are done. Lashbase artist, Alicia Reynolds, explains applying the lower lashes only after the top lash extensions are applied. She uses B Curl Lashes for lower lashes or split tip classics as they are more flexible and make it more comfortable for clients. The trick lies in choosing the correct length, which should be 1/2 a length longer than the natural lashes so that they enhance the overall look but are not overtly made-up.

Another important tip is to place the false eyelashes on the hair and not too close to the waterline. Reynolds adds that the most preferred tweezers are boot tweezers because they bend and help angle the wrists for ease of use. The lash thickness of 0.07 and  0.05 looks subtle and works as a substitute for mascara.

Another trend picking up now is the lifting and sculpting of lower lashes. It is not done to lengthen the lashes but to change the structure of hair. The false lashes are fixed in a clean uniform position so that the natural lashes also look neat and complement the upper lashes.