L’Oreal Paris, a global expert in beauty and skincare products, has opened its first store in Lahore Pakistan- “L’Oréal Paris Skin Center”.

Salar Farooki, Marketing Director at L’Oréal, said, “L’Oréal Pakistan is breaking new grounds with the launch of L’Oréal Paris Skin Center. This Skin Center will enable us to get to know our customers better and interact more effectively with them and giving them the best possible solution for their skin.” While Bilal Basit Abbasi, Product Manager L’OREAL Paris Skin Expert, added, “L’OREAL Paris Skin Center is going to revolutionize the approach to Skin Care in Pakistan. The layout has been designed prioritizing ease of navigation-one look, and you’d know where to go for your specific needs. The immersive screens constantly updates on “hot from Paris” products.”

Many beauty experts could experience the skin testing unit at the launch and shared their reviews about the products used earlier.