Indian cosmetics brand JUICE Cosmetics has launched their Wish A Colour Challenge spanning 510 Indian cities to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

To participate, contestants were asked to take pictures of products, landscapes, and items around them and submit them to the JUICE Cosmetics website. JUICE Cosmetics was then challenged to create a nail polish to match the colour of the item submitted. The brand then selects ten lucky winners every fifteen days, who will receive exclusive Juice hampers. The winners will also receive their newly minted nail polish shade in their gift hampers. One lucky winner of this contest will become Juice’s Face of the Brand 2024 and will feature in the brand’s promotional materials and various industry events.

Amrit Kamra, Project Lead at JUICE Cosmetics, said “As we celebrate our remarkable decade-long journey, our strong national presence spanning 510 cities and towns in India, coupled with our integrated research, manufacturing, and distribution facility demonstrate our competence in crafting any colour of nail polish that our consumers desire.”

The contest started on 25th April and will last for 60 days. There will be a total of forty winners selected in the overall span of the contest. Colours which have already been announced as winners include Alisha’s Pink-a-boo, Shradha’s Skysong, and Puja’s Coral.