04 Dec 2023

Fixderma, the brand driven by a commitment towards skin’s health and well-being, is all set to start a new haircare range for people facing severe hair fall issues due to wearing headgear and also women going through postpartum, menopause, and pre-menopause.

According to Shaily Mehrotra, CEO&Founder, Fixderma, the new haircare range is especially formulated for those who wear helmets, turbans, hijab, and wigs. This makes their heads very prone to sweating and their hair needs special care. The brand has a shampoo and conditioner designed especially for them.  Fixderma will also launch special hair products even for women suffering from hair fall due to postpartum, pre-menopause, and menopause.

The brand proposes to expand its network and will partner with more dermatologists in 2024. At present, there are 8,000 dermatologists in India. Fixderma also plans to increase its point of sale and over-the-counter presence. Presently, it is available in 21,000 pharmacies as well as some beauty stores but in 2024, the brand plans to add 15,000 point of sales. Shaily added that in 2024, the brand is aiming for a 40-50% growth with at least a doubt digit growth.

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