February 8, 2022: Ranavat, the first South-Asian Ayurvedic skincare brand will be launched at Sephora this month. This brand is a creation of Michelle Ranavat, who’se severe postpartum hair fall was helped by Ayurvedic oil. She then decided to bring the wonders of Ayurveda in the form of skincare products and developed the brand Ranavat.

Some of the must-buy products from the brand are Radiant Rani Brightening Saffron Serum for hyper pigmentation, Flawless Veil Resurfacing Saffron Masque for removing dead skin, Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser, and Renewing Bakuchi Crème to mitigate ageing signs like fine lines. The brand was launched in 2017 and is scheduled to launch on sephora.com in February 2022 . It will be the first South-Indian Ayurvedic skincare brand to be on Sephora.