Walking through the crowds at Times Square, New York’s busiest area, is difficult enough on a normal day; clearing it out during the COVID-19 outbreak was considerably more difficult. As the lockdown is lifted and people return to the area, Pamela Council’s “A Fountain for Survivors,” an 18-foot tall monument, has been erected in commemoration of COVID’s frontline soldiers and all those who have been there through it all. The edifice, which is on exhibit in Times Square until December 8th, is adorned with approximately 3,50,000 acrylic nails. The acrylic nails used for the construction are coloured pale pink with a white tip, magenta, gold, and yellow and range in size from a microscopic toenail to the length of a rectangular talon. A few have rhinestones and jewels adorning them while hand-painted designs by local nail artists can be found on a couple of them. A central fountain holds 100 gallons of water that cascades down three tiers of the edifice, into a big fuchsia cauldron-shaped