Emerging research from Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands has highlighted that all wellness and exercise routines should be aligned to the human body’s circadian rhythm in order to truly be effective. The study suggests that the timing of exercise is central to its effectiveness, even more than the length, frequency, or type of exercise.

Published by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, the study had a sample size of over 80,000 adults aged between 40 and 80. After tracking heart data using wearable devices, rates of coronary diseases and strokes were studied in the participants over six years. Scientists then compared the probability of getting a stroke with the time the participant chose to exercise.

The results? Those who got exercise between 8am and 11am were about 16 to 17% less likely to develop a stroke or other coronary illnesses, compared to those who exercised between noon and 6pm. These results are regardless of the individual’s sleeping patterns, whether they choose to sleep late or wake up early.

While the results of the study have an impact on coronary disease prevention and healthcare, it is also pertinent to the spa and wellness industry. Wellness practitioners who offer full-time spa and beauty retreats may choose to implement a morning exercise routine over one later in the day to receive maximum impact. Alternatively, morning exercise regimes may also be recommended to clients who are looking for ways to optimise their healthcare and wellness routines.