1 Apr 2024

Dove has recently released a new marketing campaign called ‘The Code’ that shows the ‘impact of AI on beauty’ after insights were derived from the brand’s annual global survey.

According to the survey, there is a negative effect of AI led beauty images on women’s attitude towards beauty. More than 33,000 respondents, comprising men and women from 20 countries were a part of the survey which showed that 2 out of 3 women believed that women today are expected to be more physically attractive than the previous generation as technology and society progresses.

An alarming 1 in 3 women felt compelled to alter their appearance after seeing online images even if they knew they were fake and 2 out of 5 respondents said that they would be happy to reduce their life by a year to have the ideal body and looks. Also, nine out of ten women and girls said that they had seen damaging beauty content through the digital medium.

Dove believes that AI is responsible for the way beauty is showcased. Today, women are less confident about their looks than they did 10 years ago and with AI technology evolving it has become more difficult to make out the difference between real beauty and AI generated one.

Thus, Dove has launched a new marketing campaign called The Code with Jessie J and other celebrities. According to Jessie J, today, women who recognise themselves as non-binary have immense pressure about their appearance, getting trapped in a vicious cycle, which is unrealistic. The alarming rate at which these pressures are increasing due to AI, the present and future generations will face a lot of issues. Dove’s new campaign aims to keep beauty real and celebrate women with all their differences. Also, Dove has pledged never to use AI for its marketing and will continue in its endeavour to champion for authentic beauty, making it a source of joy for women.