Dior Science from the House of Dior recently founded its first International Reverse Aging Scientific Advisory Board. Spearheaded by specialists in fundamental and human sciences, the Board comprises of psychologists, sociologists, ethnobotanists, and dermatologists. The newly formed advisory panel will collaborate with Louis Vuitton’s 600 LVMH research employees to advance the research efforts into the twelve hallmarks of aging identified in the previous study – “Hallmarks of aging: An expanding universe”.

The aim of this research is to explore and understand the mechanisms of aging. This research has a unique objective of finding a way to live a healthy long life. Researchers are looking at not just defining the aging mechanisms but also at making skin aging reversal possible.

Dior’s expertise in floral science, understanding the secrets of regenerative power that help restore tissue and cell health, makes it stand apart from others who have invested in similar initiatives in the past. It also aims to understand age reversal in detail by merging social sciences and the psychology of aging, keeping the inseparable aspects of skin science, floral science, and fundamental science in mind.

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