Clean Beauty is seeing a surge in India with consumers preferring clean and natural ingredients in their beauty products. With growing awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals used in cosmetics and skincare products, clients are in search of safer and more user-friendly options. Thus, many clean ingredient-based beauty brands are fast gaining popularity in India.

According to a market research study done in 2021, the global vegan cosmetics market size was USD 15 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at 6.3% till 2030. India too is expected to be one of the major markets in this space as consumer consciousness rises and and innovative products using Ayurveda gain interest.

La Miore is one such clean brand using organic ingredients from India and Brazil in their product formulation. According to Aakriti Chhaparia, Co-Founder, La Miore, the brand combines nature, technology and Ayurveda to develop sustainable and natural products.

With many such brands coming up in India and as clean beauty gains momentum, one can expect to see a big change in the beauty industry in the near future.