30 May 2024

In a bid to remove ostentatious content from social media, China’s internet watchdog has started the “Clear and Bright” campaign. Under this initiative, all undesirable content by influencers who showed off extravagant lifestyles and ostentatious personas were banned on various social media portals.

Recently, the Douyin account of Wang Hongquan, a content creator with more than 4 million followers, was banned. He had got so many followers owing to videos showing off his wealth, first-class flights, designer clothes, and jade jewellery. There was a message on the Chinese version of TikTok stating that his account was blocked due to violations of Douyin guidelines. In another instance, Sister Abalone, a woman who was seen showing off her mansion and herself wearing a lot of diamonds and pearls, has also been targeted by the community as her videos are not available on social media sites anymore. Many more such influencers are under scrutiny.

Douyin said that next it will target people posting fake events that create sensation, such as videos on domestic fights and medical crisis, because they all increase views and report wrong information.

Douyin wants people to record real-life and true events of their lives instead of creating news out of extravagance or tragedy. In fact, Chinese President’s initiative of ‘common prosperity’ to remove economic inequality is in line with the Douyin guidelines. It has levied huge fines on live-streaming influencers.