Chetna now available across the world

If a confectionery brand starting a hair care line sounds bizarre, you may not have heard of Shinkinedo, Japan’s latest bakery turned hair care company which has expanded its reach to several countries via Amazon. Debuting their chestnut skin line Chetna, the company aims towards fulfilling the UN sustainability development goals through their attempts at reducing their waste manufacturing.

Kurikinton is Shinkinedo’s highest selling product both in Japan and in its international stores. The egg-free, dairy-free, and halal product only uses organic chestnuts and Japan-produced Tensai sugar in the production of the sweet. However, the production creates over 30 tonnes of waste chestnut skins per year, which was previously simply thrown away, producing excessive waste.

The Chetna brand hopes to put this waste product to good use by turning them into shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products. Perhaps the greatest moment of ingenuity is the actual ingredients which go into these products. Chestnuts contain a chemical known as tannins, which have natural antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-ageing properties. Other added ingredients include green algae and loquat leaf extract, which work wonders in revitalising and rejuvenating hair.

Shinkinedo’s expansion plans from simply a confectionary to a lifestyle brand have also included a strong social media presence. Their TikTok account has attained 7000 followers in a brief timespan. These marketing efforts have been an asset as they launched their products on Amazon to key markets worldwide, including USA, France, and Singapore.

Further, we can expect a transformation of Shinkinedo from simply a confectionery to a full-fledged lifestyle company, concurrently incorporating sustainability goals into their business plans