13 May 2024

 Bella Hadid is launching a skin-moisturizing fragrance line called Ôrəbella, developed in collaboration with Celebrands. It will be available in Ulta Beauty stores in the US in May. It will come in 10 ml bottles priced at USD 35, 50 ml  for USD 72 and 100 ml  for USD 100.

Ôrəbella is an alcohol-free hydrating parfum with essential oils and clean ingredients that can easily infuse with the skin and have long-lasting effects. All the parfums are suitable for sensitive skin and do not contain any parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, or wheat-derived ingredients.

With this new launch, the lines between skincare and fragrances will slowly merge as it is based on bi-phase technology where the first layer has nourishing ingredients like a moisturizing five-oil blend and hydrating snow mushroom. These help to nourish the skin and also make the parfum last much longer. The second layer will have a combination of aromatherapy essential oils and fragrance notes that enhance the aura and mood.

The initial offering will have three genderless fragrances including, Window2Soul with faceted rose and jasmine bouquet, Blooming Fire with Tahitian monoi flower, patchouli and bergamot, and Salted Muse, which will have woody marine notes. These three fragrances were created with popular fragrance houses, Firmenich and Robertet.

The Ôrəbella collection was launched on 2 May and will be available on the Ulta website from 10th May and in all Ulta Beauty stores in the US from 12th May.