Aurelian Lis, the Global CEO of Dermalogica, received a warm welcome on his recent visit to LOOKS Salon in Mumbai. LOOKS is their leading Indian partner, and the visit held great significance as he discussed the rapidly evolving world of Indian skincare with Samir Srivastav, CEO, LOOKS. The visit also gave him a unique insight into the Indian salon industry and understand its unique practices.

The main highlight of his visit was the felicitation of Ashwini Kondare, the accomplished beauty therapist from LOOKS who clinched the coveted title of Dermalogica ProSkin Master 2023 All India Topper in their recently concluded competition. Her hard work, skill and dedication made this remarkable achievement possible. Speaking of her win, Ashwini said “I believe (one) who’s not afraid to fail is a winner…and I was confident that I would definitely win, with all the hard work I had put in”.

The dynamic Dermalogica India team led by CEO – Pushkaraj Shenai along with Komal Puri and Nitin have focused on education substantially, which has led to a significant upswing in the overall quality of skincare services offered by LOOKS Salon to its discerning clientele. Samir Srivastav emphasized, “As we eagerly anticipate the months ahead, we’re confident that such esteemed visits to LOOKS Salons will pave the way for mutual success, nurturing a partnership that thrives on excellence and innovation.”