US actress Jessica has announced via a press release and Instagram post that she will be stepping down from her position as the Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company, which she founded in 2012.

In the company’s press release, the company noted that Alba had determined that this was the time to move on to more creative endeavours after the commercial success of the company in the past few years. Alba will continue to remain in the company’s board of directors, but will no longer allow the brand to use her image for the marketing and branding of their products.

In her statement, Alba noted that the creation and development of The Honest Company had been a “labour of love” for her. She had created the company in 2012 after having an allergic reaction to detergent powder. The brand focused on clean products and goods for home and childcare after Alba’s experience. Alba writes that she believes in the current management team to bring forward her vision for the company and bring it to further success, and looks forward to contributing to the company as a director while she pursues other passions. In her Instagram post, Alba called the journey a “ride of a lifetime”, reflecting on the euphoria of ringing the bell at Nasdaq when her company went public. She also thanked the company and her team for giving her the opportunity to bring her vision to life.

Yet, some reports have found that the company has been negatively financially affected by Alba’s departure. Reports show that the company’s shares have dropped by 7%. Some believe this is as Alba was fundamental in the company’s marketing strategy, and her departure means that she will not be used in any of the branding and promotions of the products. Yet, even with this drop, the company’s share values are still higher than the previous year’s, indicating financial growth.