Jean Claude Biguine Paris Salon and Spa introduces a groundbreaking innovation: Botoliss, in collaboration with Beauty Garage

Hair Botox is a well-recognized term in the realm of hair care. To elevate the treatment to new heights, Jean Claude Biguine and Beauty Garage have joined forces to unveil Botoliss. It represents a fusion of the coveted benefits of traditional hair botox and the promise of frizz-free, silky-smooth hair. This groundbreaking innovation was introduced at an exclusive launch event held at Jean Claude Biguine’s picturesque Pali Hill location earlier this month poised to redefine the hair care landscape in select JCB salons.
Jean Claude Biguine Paris Salon and Spa

The event paid tribute to the lush Amazon rainforest, underscoring the product’s roots in nature’s abundant offerings. Renowned hair and makeup artist, Elton Steve, showcased the exceptional advantages of this revolutionary product against the picturesque backdrop of Jean Claude Biguine’s Pali Hill location.

Botoliss is more than just an enhancement of traditional hair botox. It represents a revolutionary leap forward. Formulated with

biodegradable active ingredients sourced from the dense Amazon rainforest, it reflects a commitment to sustainable beauty. Promising hair that shines ten times brighter than regular hair botox treatments, this event aimed to educate and raise awareness about this groundbreaking treatment and product.

Distinguished industry professionals, including Mahesh Ravaria, Co-Founder and CEO of Beauty Garage, graced the event with their presence. Notable personalities such as Elton Steve and Michael Balthazar were in attendance, as well as the CEO of Jean Claude Biguine, adding prestige to the celebration.

The event was a huge success, marking the beginning of a new era in the hair care segment. Since the launch, the official Jean Claude Biguine Instagram handle has been sharing captivating insights and results from the Botoliss experience, setting a new standard in hair care expectations.