Celebrities bring a lot of moolah to the salons but dealing with them is a talent

Every hair, make-up, nail artist ultimately wants a celeb client. But, it is tough to keep up with celebrities as it means keeping up with their schedules, irregular work hours, longer shifts and a new location every time. For artists and salon owners who cater to celebrities, this pressure becomes the norm.

StyleSpeak catches up with salon owners across India to find out what the challenges are, and the plus points of doing such creative work.

Kanta Motwani, Owner, Kromakay, Mumbai reveals, “though they have a mandatory appointment confirmation for every guests, including celebs, we have to accommodate last-minute requests. But service with a smile is our goal.”

“Our hairdressers become famous once they work with any celebrity, thanks to social media. They get instant recognition and fame for their work if their work is appreciated by celebrity’s fan base, which brings more clients and business.”

Joesna Shiroor, Co-Founder, Making HeadLines, Pune points out, “The schedules are long at odd hours and sometimes locations are too far. Perfection is expected each time.”

“I have been fortunate to work with polite and chivalrous actors and have no complaints with them! They will be professional with those who are professional with them.”

Celebrity Clients: Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Jackie Shroff, Govinda

Natasha Singh Chauhan, Hairstylist and Co-founder, Tangerine Salon, Jaipur, reveals having celebrity clients is a challenge in itself. Maintaining a professional demeanour and providing comfortable and relaxing environment is important.

“Working with celebrity clients is a constant source of joy. It infuses our salon with excitement and glamour, fuels our excitement to work, turning what some might perceive as challenges into the very essence of our professional fulfilment.”

Celebrity Clients: Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur, Princess Gauravi Kumari, Waheeda Rehman, Anupama Chopra, Rani Mukerjee, Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, Divya Mirza, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Hayden

Bridgette Jones, Director, Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon Pvt Ltd, Kolkata says, “It’s challenging due to the pressure to meet high expectations, managing intense schedules & respecting their need for privacy. It’s a nuanced process that requires finesse & adaptability to ensure a seamless, satisfactory experience.”

“Working with celebs infuses a burst of dynamism into our daily routine. Infectious energy, exhilarating pace and challenge to deliver “top-notch” style keep us on our toes! It can open doors to exciting opportunities, enhance professional credibility and provide a unique experience.”

Celebrity Clients: Vidya Balan, Gauri Khan, Lara Dutta, Jaya Ahsan, Aparna Sen, Churni Ganguly, Raima Sen, Debasree Roy, Sayantanu Ghosh

Jaji Mole, Director, Jaji’s Innovation Pvt Ltd, Kochi shares, “Working with celebrities, particularly during high-profile events, demands an exceptional level of precision and creativity. The pressure is immense; celebrities come with specific needs and high expectations, making the process demanding yet exhilarating.”

“The joy of seeing them dazzle on the runway, embodying the vision we collaboratively crafted, is unparalleled. This transformation from concept to stunning reality makes every challenging moment worth it. Witnessing their confidence and satisfaction as they shine in the public eye is a professional accomplishment and a personal delight for me.”

Kiran Bawa, Nikky Bawa Ladies Salon, Bhopal, has experienced and observed the occasional glitter of celebrity tantrums and gracefully embraced them.

“While some icons express success extravagantly, our focus remains on the sheer joy of delivering unparalleled service. They have experienced the JOY of transforming every visit into a delightful experience.”

Nikshita Rao, Founder & Director, Naoki Salon, Hyderabad says, “Dealing with celebrities can be challenging due to heightened expectations and demands. Maintaining confidentiality and managing their preferences amidst bustling salon environments require careful navigation and impeccable service standards.”

“The presence of celebrity clients infuses energy and prestige into the salon atmosphere. Their trust reflects the salon’s credibility and expertise, enhancing its reputation. Catering to their needs provides opportunities for professional growth and recognition. Celebrity visits elevate team morale and inspire excellence, fostering a culture of aspiration and achievement within the salon community.”

Jammy Fernando, Partner, Wink Salon, Chennai remarks, “The challenges hairstylists witness are unspoken. Anxiety, relentless schedule and restoring the confidence and trust of A-listers is among the difficulties.”

“True happiness is when my client walks out happy loving their new look. This boosts my morale to get better each day & style Chennai in the best possible way.”

Dilip Chaudhary, DC Lounge, Jamshedpur says, “Though every client is given the same value, it is difficult while catering to celebrity clients. They require more attention, hygiene, maintenance, arranging refreshments, special parking spot, etc.”

“Celebrity clientele makes us famous and the salon a unique identity. The social media presence increase and there is recognition within the industry. It helps bring more business and brand value to the salon and establishes a strong position in the market.