After redefining the salon experience with the world-class beauty and wellness services at its salon in Punjabi Bagh (West), New Delhi, Welefull Unisex Salon, is all set to expand and open more branches.

Vikram Dutta, Co. founder, Welefull Unisex Salon and Director of Looks Salon Pvt. Ltd. holds an experience of over three decades in the salon industry. His wife Meenakshi Dutta, Co. Founder, Welefull Unisex Salon who is a makeup artist, and an educator also manages the salon with an experience of over two decades in this industry. Welefull Unisex Salon has actually emerged as an old-wine-in-a-new-bottle.

Elaborating more on the salon, Vikram says, “Welefull is not just a salon, but a place that radiates happiness and tranquillity. Our aim is to provide clients with a serene escape from their daily lives, where they can not only enhance their beauty but also rejuvenate their spirits. We are looking to launch more salons, with our commitment to transform the salon experience

by delivering the best beauty services to help clients fall in love with themselves over and over again.”The salon’s interiors have been meticulously designed to create a clean, comfortable environment, with earthy pastel tones and natural elements that fill the space with warmth and brightness. The salon’s-controlled lighting, soothing music, and specially designed spa and massage spaces are aimed at offering complete rejuvenation and relaxation for clients seeking a break from their busy routines.

From expert haircuts and hair texture to an array of hair treatments using top-quality products and brands, Welefull Unisex Salon offers a wide range of services. The manicures and pedicures at the salon are not mere rituals but pampering experiences in themselves. Their personalized facial services are crafted to cater to each client’s distinctive needs, ensuring an experience of sheer excellence.

The Welefull team, with their expertise in various beauty and wellness fields, ensure a Zen-like experience for clients. The beauty treatments are nothing short of excellence, with facial treatments personalized to each individual’s unique needs.

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