StyleSpeak vouches for these hair and beauty salon of Ahmednagar

AAhmednagar is a city in the western Indian, Maharashtra that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. The city is known for its historical monuments, spiritual places, and vibrant local markets and offers a unique backdrop for the flourishing hair and beauty salons.

We have tracked down the best hair and beauty salons in Ahmednagar that you need to visit today.

Adivaa Salon

Empowered by L’Oréal, Adivaa Salon, founded by Priyanka Gandhe, is a unisex salon in Ahmednagar, Gujarat. Located in a luxurious ambience, the salon offers hair, skin, gift vouchers, and makeup services at affordable prices. With over 2000+ satisfied clients, the salon caters to celebrities like Karishma Kapoor, Miss Maharashtra, PSI of Ahmednagar, and Gadar 2-star cast. With a team of 10 experts, who are trained from renowned institutes, the salon provides affordable services for all skin types, including Hydra facials with LED packs and HD facials. With an average client spend of Rs. 2000-3500 in one visit, qualified stylists earn 30,000/month.

Ajanta Salon

The concept of Ajanta’s Salon for He & She Unisex Salon focuses on providing a comfortable and inclusive environment for both men and women, offering high-quality salon services without gender-specific limitations. Sangram Nikam, the third generation of the Ajanta family, founded this first unisex salon in Ahmednagar in 2009. With the strength of 8 highly trained experts, the salon offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, hairstyling, hair colouring, facials, manicures, pedicures, and more. On an average, the clients spend Rs. 2000 onwards, and their qualified stylist earns around Rs. 15000–20000/monthly. The salon has a strong client base, including actors from the Marathi Film Industry and reel stars. Their popular services include Botox Treatment, Highlights, Nanoplasti, and Pixels Treatment.

Blackstudio Unisex Salon

Blackstudio Unisex Salon, established by Sagar Dale and Sagar Gore in 2020, offers high-quality services for clients seeking premium services. The salon focuses on providing clients with desired looks while using high-end brands. With 10 staff members, the salon offers hair treatments, facials, and makeup services. With price ranging from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 600/- for haircut and Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 5000/- for facial and skin treatments, the salon Blackstudio is also popular for services like hair colour, hair treatments, makeup and nail art. The average client spends Rs. 2000/- onwards, and their qualified stylists earn up to Rs. 25000/- monthly.

Grooming Factory Unisex Salon

Grooming Factory Unisex Salon, founded by Mahesh More in 2010, focuses on providing proper consultation and a memorable experience. With 10+ Plus Franchisees in Nagpur, Pune, and Srirampur, the salon also offers diploma courses in Hair, Makeup, and Beauty. The salon has 44 staff members and provide services such as haircuts, facial and skin treatments, makeup, bridal makeup, groom makeup, and party makeup. With prices ranging from Rs. 220/- for men’s haircut and Rs. 450/- for women haircuts in the range of Rs.1200/- to Rs. 3500/- for facial and skin treatments, the average client spends around Rs. 2500/-. Their popular services include women’s haircuts, baby haircuts, keratin treatments, men’s hair, patch treatments, and skin treatments. Their qualified stylists earn an average of Rs. 25000/- onwards.

Liora Salon

Founded in 1984, Liora Salon offers an exceptional experience for clients through a rich heritage spanning three generations in the beauty industry. With a team of 10 skilled professionals, the salon aims to unlock clients’ true beauty potential and provide a nurturing environment for relaxation and indulgence in luxurious treatments. With prices ranging from Rs. 500/- to 900/- for female’s haircut and Rs. 200/- to 550/- for men’s haircuts as well as Rs. 1200/- for facial and skin treatments, they also do offer bridal makeup and party makeup for clients. The salon is popular for its makeup, keratin, global colour, highlights, and skin treatments. In this salon, an average client spends around Rs. 2500/-, the clients they cater includes business tycoons, politicians, and Instagram celebrities. Apart from these, they also do commercial work for beauty pageants and fashion shows. Liora’s qualified stylists earn between Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 35,000/-

Varad Salon

Varad Salon, founded by Prabhakar Lingayat in 2010 has 8 branches in Maharashtra. The salon aims to educate clients on hair and skin care as well as to create an environment where youngsters with specific skills can earn and live a dignified life. Varad Salon has 100 staff members and offers a range of services, including haircuts, facial, skin treatments, and bridal makeup. The salon attracts celebrities like Yashraj Mukhate and are popular for their services like colour highlights, facials, and makeup. They charge between Rs. 750/- for female haircut and Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 4500/- for the facial and skin treatment. Their clients in an average spends around Rs. 2000/- with their qualified stylists earning between Rs. 25000/- and Rs. 45000/- rupees monthly.