JCB Juhu offers Olaplex 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask, an-in salon hair treatment to treat dull and damaged tresses quickly and effectively.

With salons and spas shut and DIY treatments not yielding much results, consumers were beset by hair problems such as like dryness and dullness in the pandemic. Many complained of hair with no sheen, and rough, lifeless strands during the lockdown.

Jean Claude Biguine (JCB) Salon & Spa, Juhu recently launched an Olaplex Hair treatment with 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask. So, when StyleSpeak received an invitation for an experiential of this rejuvenating hair treatment, I was more than happy at the opportunity to try it out!

My treatment was given by senior hairstylist Amrina Husain who started by checking out my hair texture, scalp and roots. She told me that my hair lacked lustre and definition which made it look dull and dry and recommended a treatment with Olaplex’s newly launched 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask which adds moisture, smooths, adds body and shine to the tresses.

The treatment began with a hair wash. Following this she applied the 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask working it into my hair upto its fragile ends. She let the mask do its magic by allowing it to process. After 10 minutes, she combed my hair gently with her fingers followed by a thorough hair wash.

The 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask is powered by Olaplex’s patented technology that treats damaged hair by building broken bonds of the hair. Packed with professional strength

cetamides, oils and 11 vital amino acids it contains a special ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate which helps in strengthening and repairing disulfide bonds for strong and healthy hair.

This luxurious, in-salon deep conditioning treatment is quick, hassle-free and effortless. Effectively targeting hair concerns like dullness, dryness or hair damage, it is perfect after any chemical treatment. For intense repair, it should be done after the OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment.

Post my treatment and blow-dry, my hair felt light, soft, healthy, and full of shine and volume, everything that the treatment promised!

Product Highlights:

  • Intensely Concentrated
  • Moisturizes, smooths, adds shine and body in just 10 minutes
  • Up to 100 uses in one bottle

Clinical results on damaged hair:

  • 74% more moisture
  • 84% more shine
  • 84% more smoothness
  • 94% more body