The boutique spa at Kahani Paradise Gokarna, will help you relax and rejuvenate in the lap of luxury with nature being the best company.


The idea of a spa break in the luxurious Kahani Paradise Estate in Gokarna, Karnataka was welcome prospect for me. However, reaching it from Bengaluru is a bit of a challenge. My 3:00 am flight to Goa was followed by a 3.5-hour road trip to the destination. However, the minute I entered the property and welcomed by the warm staff and Vicky the manager, it was the stunning views that took my breath away. Set like a painting, the landscape is framed by blue mountains, lush greenery and the beautiful Aghanashini river.

Sublime Ornate Interiors

With just six cottages, this boutique property is the best relaxed vacation one can have and during my stay I felt like I had the whole space to myself. The pastel hued interiors have a sublime combination of Indian textiles, antique and modern furniture, cherry picked curios that seamlessly merge the east with the west.

A short ride on the in-house wagon takes guests to the entrance of the Spa. While there is just one treatment room here, it is so ornate that you will be taken in by its aesthetic sensibilities. The antique doors are the central point of attraction and have been the source of inspiration for the design and décor of the spa. The room is decorated with a macrame wall hanging, an antique wood console while a shelf holds all the oils.

Spa Treatments for Wellbeing

On discussing the treatments I could try, the “relaxation spa” treatment sounded like music to my ears. Having come to the trip with significant aches and pains, this was a treatment that I was looking forward to. Kahani wellness spa is well equipped with Asian therapeutic treatments blended with innovative and modern rejuvenation techniques, organic and natural products and sustainable practices.

London-based Anthony Bellm who owns the property says, “Our focus is to assist clients with their health and well-being. Our spa offers a warm and welcoming environment, with soothing music and temperature control – everything one needs for absolute relaxation. Our primary purpose is to help people calm the nervous system, relieve stress, and promote a sense of well-being. Our signature Swedish meridian massage stimulates the acupressure points on the body, and is massaged with

different classic/Swedish massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, effleurage and friction.”

The Relaxing Experience

My therapist Smriti welcomed me with a smile and asked me to change in the attached bath and shower area. She began the treatment by explaining the procedure in which in-house organic oil blend of rose and sandalwood are used. All the skincare products used at the property are chemical free Ayurvedic products, designed in association with Ayca, the spa amenities partner. Ayca also offers a collection of beautiful, bespoke spa products/oils made especially for Kahani Paradise.

My massage started with a foot cleanse and after which Smriti used her thumbs to press the feet which gives instant relaxation. She then massaged the legs, starting with my calves, using elongated strokes that relaxed the stressed muscles immediately. Further, using a combination of strokes using her knuckles and pressure of her fingers to work her way through my legs. The upper legs massage also involves a series of long strokes to ease the tension.

After massaging the back of the legs, she did an invigorating back massage, working through the spine, using the pressure from her fingers to remove all the knots from the shoulders.
On turning over on my back, she completes the leg and hand massage too. Keeping my eyes covered, she uses soft yet firm strokes around the sides of my neck and gives me an intensive head massage. Finally, a quick face massage with synchronized movements around my forehead ensures complete relaxation.

My masseur, who is also an energy healer and holistic yoga practitioner, had explained how every stroke works on the body and how the strokes, and in fact, the complete treatment is aimed at activating the energy points in the body.

Returning from the spa, I felt a sense of calmness that had been eluding me for a while and this made it the perfect part of this quiet vacation.