Asha Hariharan throws light on how to woo clients with a new colour service.


In conversation with SS WEEKLY, Asha Hariharan, Founder, Director at Beyond the Fringe Salons, Educationist and Consultant at AHA Education and HBS Hair Jury member says clients are wary of spending money on hair colouring services, post-Covid.

The Money Piece technique is a great opportunity and an incredible hair colour service to offer clients as it is visually-appealing, and pocket-friendly too.

What is Money Piece Technique?

Money Piece is a globally trending hair colouring technique. A colourist can work miracles with limited colour products. It can be simple, understated or strong and elaborate depending on the look. It’s a budget-friendly way of colouring a trend-based colour service.

The word ‘Money Piece’ means that every section of hair coloured brings in great value to the colour design. A minimum number of just 6 to 10 foils will also bring in great impact. Our aim is to help clients rethink personal grooming despite the chaos of pandemic life.

  • Involves face contouring/face framing colour that puts the client’s face in focus
  • It is a stand out colour around the face fading away into a darker colour towards the crown and back with thread lights dispersed overhead
  • Choose between a deep and elegant colour or a vivid pop colour like reds, hazel, etc
  • It should start in a thin line and slowly ease into a thicker band that should resemble a colour panel painted on a wave of hair
  • This ensures the look stays fresh even when roots have grown out

“Keep the artist in you alive and keep the faith.”

Choosing hair colour based on skin tone

The colour chosen for the money piece either matches or contrasts the Indian skin tone. Opt for cool, warm or neutral colours like cherry red, strawberry or vibrant gold coppers.

For adventurous clients, go for vibrant, pop and fun colours. For cautious clients, try muted, rich and luxurious colours like mochas and soft copper browns.

Your advice to the hairdressing fraternity on the technique.

  • Convince your clients for a hair colour as it’s like a permanent accessory that stays for months
  • If your client is unsure of investing in a full hair colour service, this technique is budget-friendly and time-saving
  • Pick the gentlest activation products to work with. I normally try not to cross the 20-volume mark as it ensures the safety and quality of the hair even after months of wear and tear.