Ojas Rajani advises on the best-proven ways to sanitize make-up products and tools amid Covid-19.

As a make-up artiste, you have a huge collection of make-up as well as tools. But the pandemic has made us more conscious about sanitization these days. Ojas Rajani, celebrity make-up artist and founder, Ojas Rajani Makeup & Hair Academy tells us how to use make-up products and tools safely.

How can you use make-up and tools safely during this period?

  • UV- C Clear Light machine accompanied by dark laser glasses is a sanitizing light approved by the medical associations world over
  • It is lightweight, affordable, travel-friendly, and sanitizes all your make-up products, make-up kit, clothes, shoes and bags
  • Savlon Disinfecting Spray, is great for sanitizing make-up products and brushes
  • Wash frequently with a handwash, rather than liquid sanitizers
  • Wear masks and use deodorants (they contain the right level of alcohol)

What is more important – sanitizing make-up or tools?

Make-up products tend to accumulate pollen and dust particles. They also develop fungus and hence allergies. We also touch them while doing our client’s make-up. Hence, sanitizing and disinfecting our hands, make-up products and tools after every use ensures safety in general.

Best ways to use make-up tools and brushes?

  • With lipsticks and eyeliners, cut out a certain portion, put it on the tray with a

    spatula, apply as needed and throw away the excess

  • For mascara, use disposable wands and keep aside the main brush
  • Sharpen the eye pencils before and after the use and don’t forget to disinfect

“Hygiene and safety protocols should be followed by all make-up artistes daily, irrespective of the pandemic.”
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According to you, flawless make-up needs flawless skin. Your skincare advice?

  • Rub ice cubes on the face for 5-10 minutes. It closes pores, refreshes the face, targets puffiness under the eyes and reduces swelling, rashes or pimples
  • Massage vitamin C serum for 5 minutes and moisturize to hydrate the face
  • Use water-based products as the make-up becomes water-proof and gives a lovely glow and dewy finish.
  • Make-up should not look like make-up but like your second skin
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