Natasha Naegamvala opens up about the challenges of using protective gear in a salon

Salons have reopened and professionals have adjusted to the new normal of working with protective gear. SS WEEKLY asks Natasha Naegamvala, Celebrity Hairstylist, Salon Director at Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salons and HBS Hair Jury member about the challenges salon professionals face while using safety gear daily and solutions for tackling these issues.

What kind of protective gear do you use to ensure salon staff and client safety?


    Body and face: Disposable apron and high-quality facemasks. Upon every new client, we dispose the used apron and wear a new one
  • Hands: Hand-wash and sanitization before and after coming in contact with a client is vital. Also, whenever a client steps in to the salon, we immediately wash their hair and ask them to sanitize their hands to prevent the transmission of bacteria or virus
  • Feet: Two pair of shoes (in-salon and outside footwear)
  • Staff using public transport must change clothes after travel

I prefer wearing multi-layered denim fabric masks personally while working and use the face shield based on requirement to avoid complications. I get a complete surface sanitization done every 30-days with a high-end sanitizer and sterilize all the equipments with a UV sterilizer.


  • Body and face: Disposable capes, towels, shoulder and neck covers, multi-layered masks
  • Hands: Sanitization with hand wash or liquid sanitizer
  • Feet: Pair of Shoe mates

“Times are challenging and we have to rely on our skill to help us through these tough times. Be safe, be cautious, be brave and do what we know best.”

What are the issues you face while using safety gear?

Working in a salon with masks on is a cumbersome task as we face breathlessness and our hands get dry owing to frequent hand sanitizing. Another issue that I am battling with is the proper disposal of bio-medical waste the hairdressing industry generates daily. We must dispose it safely, without harming the environment. So we segregate the bio-medical waste and dispose it.

How are you tackling these issues and ensuring a safe, comfortable salon for your team and clients?

To abide by certain mandatory safety rules these days, we have made changes in the way we work. We have limited clients in a day to ensure safety. The staff strength is also reduced, making more room for people to maintain social distancing and adjust to the new normal in the salon. We also follow these:

  • Take a 5 minute breather without the mask
  • Sit alone and relax
  • Moisturize hands frequently
  • Use hand wash more as liquid sanitizers contain chemicals.
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