The ‘Berlin Collection’ was conceived on the streets of Berlin, where we became fascinated not only by its people, but also, by its inspiring atmosphere and the street art which is overflowing throughout the whole city. This new collection signifies freedom for both body expression and one’s own image and aims to highlight social diversity in a world that has overcome prejudice and taboos. We created six images with different hair lengths and textures: short compact hair styles, middle sized broken strands, and lengthy degrading haircuts, using both flat and embossed textures, as a nod to Eighties style. A wide range of colours were used, from dark chestnut to golden copper, coral and cold yellow through to platinum blond, all of them combined with colourful shades which emphasize one’s own style (inspired by Street Art and street graffiti). Styling and makeup are meant to mirror the mixture of colour and textures found in the clothing, which was used in order to create a unique style that portrays personality.

Hair by: Marco PM Team @Marco PM Estilistas
Photographer & Graphic Design: Mikel Muruzabal Studio
MUA: Arturo Nuez
Stylist: Visori Fashionart
Video: Miguel Goñi
Models: Ivy, Iulia, Amaia, Johana, Beatriz
Production: Andoni Guillén
Products: Schwarzkopf Professional