All the action behind the scenes of this colourful shoot captured!

StyleSpeak explores the unique facets of SS’ 23 looks and moods for the upcoming HBS 2023. Inspired by the Spring-Summer theme, the SS team and artists set the tone for the shoot with bright summer hues. The mood board opted for the show took the glam quotient of the look to another level with its funky colours.

Renowned artists onboard comprising of Make-up artist Cherag Bambboat, Hair stylist Elton Vessoaker, Stylist Harsh Dedhia, and Fashion photographer Arjun Chipalkatti, conceptualized and executed the entire spring and summer-based look. These masterminds put together a classic and futuristic look that was worth the efforts put in.

StyleSpeak interacts with Elton and Cherag for insightful inputs on the creation of the exceptional look.

Elton Vessoaker

After brainstorming and ideating with the creative team,bold colours were opted for. Inspired by Fun Fantasy theme hair colours have been kept bright and full of energy. For this look, I gave the hair movement in the form of Curls and Frizz to showcase the colour that was done.

Tips for recreating the look:

To recreate the look, it is essential to protect the hair using K18 which is an amazing protector of the hair, while colouring it. On the styling front, use the right styling products to create that volume and movement. To prep the hair, start with a beautiful voluminous blow dry then proceed to tong the hair. In the end, start opening out the curls and mould it into the desired shape as required.

Cherag Bambboat

I opted for Pantone’s colour of the year for a futuristic look. To add a little bit of natural and realistic feel to the look, I warmed up the skin with a lot of yellow and orange hues. This lit up the face. The eyes have a bold effect. Fancy brows make the look fun and creative. The whole idea was to make the look pretty, soft, edgy and futuristic.

Tips for recreating this look:

To recreate this makeup, look, a perfect preparation of the skin is important. As the look is completely Air-Brushed, if you make errors they are not rectifiable like regular make-up. The easiest thing is to go layer by layer and achieve that shaded feel on the skin. Work with the lighter colours first and stronger colours later. Finally, work on the stencil and make sure that every layer between Air-brush is thoroughly dried before you move on to the next one.

The Result?

This frizzed out colourful short curls paired with summery bright makeup embraced the fun and carefree spirit of Spring and Summer!!

From selecting the theme and the choice of wardrobe to finalizing the makeup and hair, every aspect of the shoot was carefully considered to bring the vision to life. The shoot was indeed a successful event as it was a collaborative effort that involved a lot of planning and preparation.

Here are some BTS shots to show all that went into creating this futuristic look.