Owing to the nature of a nail technician’s job, many manicurists and pedicurists experience severe discomfort, unbearable pain in the neck, shoulder and back area. Their job entails sitting for hours together for the treatment that involves recurrent hand motions which makes it more challenging.

The nail technicians can be seen hunching their upper body forward, bowing and tilting their heads more frequently. These common mistakes during the nail treatments further tend to aggravate their health issues. Hence, necessary steps and precautions must be taken to ensure a smooth and pain-free work process for the nail techs.

StyleSpeak brings expert advice from HBS Nailathon Winners Pooja Panvanda and Fiza Ahmad on the proper postures while working and how salons can play a significant role by focusing on ergonomics.


During a nail treatment, a nail technician should take care of four major aspects — maintaining a straight posture, avoiding unnecessary slouching, maintaining the weight of the client’s arm and a leg on a desk/footrest and opting for quick exercises during breaks and intervals to avoid stress.

Fiza Ahmad, Owner, As You Like It Salon and HBS Nailathon Winner said, “Nail technicians often complain of neck and back pain and hence, sitting in a correct posture is crucial. Most professionals bend a lot which puts extra pressure on the arms and back. Hence, there is a professional chair for nail techs which serves as a savior as it helps in maintaining the right posture.”

She further recommends clock-wise and anti-clock-wise neck movement, arms and back exercises for flexibility and muscle stress relief.

Tips for Nail Technicians

  • Maintain a straight and upright position
  • Avoid leaning forward and crouching
  • Your feet should touch the floor and knees should be lower than the hips
  • Take small breaks between work
  • Take a walk or do quick yoga exercises to relieve stress
  • Maintain a healthy diet and a healthy amount of fluids

Pooja Panvanda, Certified Nail Technician and HBS Nailathon Winner said, “I usually wear my posture belt when I attend two to three clients in a day. The manicure/pedicure professional sitting stool’s height is low that gives me a clear view of the client and I don’t have to lean forward. I also use magnifying eye glasses for define nail art to reduce eye strain as it helps me to maintain my body posture straight while working.”

Salon owners should ensure that the height of the nail workstations is designed to allow the nail technicians to work comfortably without straining their back or nail muscles, Panvanda concluded.

The happiness of a client is the main priority for a nail technician. To avoid long-term health concerns, salons and nail technicians should consider ergonomic furniture while paying attention to the postures.