The Spring/Summer season sees the blooming of new flowers and the bright sun-lit days. For our industry, the flowers indicate new hair and beauty inspirations, while the bright sunlight is the spark of re-creating those fabulous looks!

We looked at the latest collections of leading hair colour brands, to bring you the colours trending for the spring/summer! So, here are the 7 most popular hair colours for Spring/Summer 2023.

Strawberry Blonde

Rachel Mcadams
Strawberry Blonde is the combination of red and blonde hair. This hair colour is the lightest shade in red hair. Strawberry Blonde also sees the hints of copper in it. This copper gives this colour its shine. This beautiful hair colour was spotted in Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Collection 1:2023’s Virtual Eden Salon Look. Strawberry Blonde hair was styled in neat, salon-finish curls. This colour was also a part of L’Oreal’s hair colour predictions for 2023. This hair colour was also a part of the latest Revlon ColorSilkDigitones Hair Color range and was given the name of ‘Sunset Peach’.

Icy Brown

Jourdan Dunn
We have heard a lot about Icy Blonde in the previous year but this year, Icy Brown has emerged as a trend. This hair colour sees a medium brown hue being paired with icy, cool, ashy tones. Icy Brown is a hue where brown meets silver. The silver gives this colour its shine. This trend sees lightened highlights on brown hair, this looks like the hair is naturally been lightened by the sunlight. This colour was spotted at Wella Professional’s Kromatic 2.0 collection. ‘Mushroom Brown’ is a similar combination of ashy hues on dark hair that was spotted in L’Oreal’s Hair colour predictions. Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Collection 1:2023’s The Misfits Catwalk Look also showcased silver tones in between pitch black hair.


Katy Perry
This is a light, pastel-like shade of purple. Lilac is a soft and calming colour that totally gives off the Spring vibe. Lilac has shades of blue as well as red and so is a mixture of cool and warm tones. It also has silver tones to it and this gives the hair a beautiful lustre. This subtle tone looks good with any hair colour technique, may it be highlights or dye or ombre. Wella Professional has posted this hair colour trend on their Instagram with #LilacSpringHair in their caption. This colour was also a part of the Revlon ColorSilkDigitones Hair with the name, ‘Pastel Lavender’.

Pink Pastel Blonde

Khloe Kardashian
Pink Pastel Blonde features a perfect balance between pastel pink and blonde hues. Pastel hues give a soft, muted tone to the hair and when its done in soft pink accompanied with blonde, it gives an extremely delicate and sweet vibe for the summer. This hair colour was seen in Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Collection 1:2023’s Virtual Eden Catwalk Look. The Pink Pastel Blonde hair was created on extremely long and straight hair. The ‘Pastel Pink’ colour was also a part of Revlon ColorSilkDigitones Hair Color range. The Pink Pastel Blonde hair colour was also promoted by Wella Professional on their Instagram and they have called this colour the #RoseBlonde hair.


Vivica A. Fox
Mauve hair is the combination of both the colours that are the trendiest in 2023. Mauve is a combination of pink and purple colours. Mauve colour gives the hair a dimensional look and can be created in either cool or warm tones. The warmer tone of this colour has been named as the hair colour of the year by Revlon. They have also launched Virtual Mauve Blonde Hair Color. A similar hair colour trend, ‘Violet Brown’, was a part of L’Oreal’s hair colour predictions for 2023.

Caramel Brown

Hailey Bieber
This is a brown based tone with tones of blonde. This beautiful brown hue sees hints of gold or amber tones in it. This hair colour is a good option for Indian hair and so deserves a place in our list! This colour was a part of Wella Professional’s Kromatic 2.0 collection and a similar colour, ‘Honey Brown’ was featured in L’Oreal’s hair colour predictions.

Cherry Cola Hair

Vanessa Hudgens
The Cherry Cola hair colour has shades of red created on a brown or black base. This is a good hair colour option for people with darker hair. This colour is extensively being promoted by Wella Professional on their Instagram. This colour is perfect for the summer as the red shades add a playful pop to the hair.

These were the most popular looks of Spring/Summer’23. As this season begins, it will bring in many more customers to your salons. These are the hair colours that you should rely on to completely transform their hair this season!