Give your clients a makeover without a haircut or colour!

Every hairstylist wants to give their client a great look every time they visit the salon.However, transformations don’t necessarily depend on giving them a haircut or colour! However, with changing trends, there is always an urge to try a new look, often putting your skills to the test.

StyleSpeak brings you insights from hair experts, Clarabelle Saldanha and Meena Siddiqui to make your clients look trendy without drastic changes to the overall appearance.

Lifestyle Check

Knowing your clients’ profession and lifestyle is necessary. “The hairstylists need to understand the clients’ lifestyle and profession before suggesting a style,” says Clarabelle Saldanha, celebrity hair stylist, who’s known for styling Btown beauties from Waheeda Rahman to Deepika Padukone. The job of the hairstylist does not end there. According to Saldanha, every hairstylist needs to work on making the client comfortable. Once the client has confidence in the hairstylist and vice versa, the job becomes simple.

“The best for clients to do is to leave it to the hairstylist”

Clarabelle Saldanha, Celebrity Hairstylist

Customise the Look

Every client is unique. Hence, customising each look matters. ” Face shape, hair texture, and length of the hair are to be considered. It’s important to work within those boundaries catering and customising it to the person’s requirement,” says Meena Siddiqui, Senior Stylist & Beautician, Taj Salon, The President Mumbai IHCL SeleQtions.

Ironing and Curling

Most clients love to experiment with their looks. For instance, a person with straight hair would love to try curls and vice versa. Suggesting some non-permanent options like ironing or curling might enhance your client’s face. According to Meena, ironing the hair will give a radical look, on the other hand, curling the hair with different sizes of barrels is also a good option.


“Indian women love long hair. One can have long hair, but if it’s all thinned out at the bottom then trimming will be essential,” advises Clarabelle. According to the celebrity hairstylist, no matter how long or short it is, client’s hair must look healthy at any given time, irrespective of whether it’s styled or plain straight.

Hair Extensions and Partings

Not everyone has thick, luxurious hair. In such an instance, using clip-in extensions come to rescue by completely transforming the client’s look. “Clip-in extensions can be used for people who may have mid-length hair and might want to have longer tresses. Besides, it can also be used for those clients with scanty hair. Clip-in extensions immediately give a different look and can be tonged as well, with different sizes of barrels,” says Meena. Coloured clip-in extensions that are coloured burgundy, ombre, and blonde can be used to add colour and dimension without colouring the client’s hair.

Parting the hair differently to another side, or a zig-zag, reinvents the look and applying gel creates a vintage look.

“Behind every beautiful woman is a hairdresser that loves her!”

Meena Siddiqui, Senior Stylist & Beautician, Taj Salon, The President Mumbai IHCL SeleQtions

Styling with Care

Professional diligence goes a long way. In the process of giving the best service to your clients, choosing the right products is essential. According to Meena Siddiqui, the hair texture in the process should not be compromised in spite of using highlighters, tongs, colours, hair straighteners, etc.; the hair texture in the process should not be compromised. It’s important to use the appropriate products for different types of hair.“Behind every beautiful woman is a hairdresser that loves her!,” adds Meena.


Clients may not have much time to regularly explore different looks. In such instances, suggesting a treatment will be appropriate. Keratin Treatment has become very popular according to Meena. Brasil Cacau has a thermal reconstruction treatment that aligns the hair cuticles and eliminates the frizz giving it a straighter look. It lasts for four to five months and many clients opt for this treatment twice or thrice in a year.

“Of late, Indian women have become very conscious about styling. The best for clients to do is to leave it to the hairstylist. It’s important to listen to the stylist’s advice first and then discuss her different concerns and work it out together for best results, ” advises Clarabelle Saldanha. So, give your clients something new every time they walk in and make them feel great without altering too much of their hair. Of course, the challenge is to do something new, each time! But that being said, the best hairdressers never stop learning.

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