Skeyndor products for men are designed to target men’s varied skin concerns while ensuring effective results.

SKEYNDOR MEN is a revolution in masculine skincare as it uniquely targets men’s skin requirements. Especially the damage caused by shaving and the manner in which the skin resists ageing through youth, but weakens after 30.

The line incorporates all-encompassing range of homecare products to meet men’s daily grooming needs including detox face wash, pre- and post- shaving balms, shine control emulsion, anti-age serum, eye bag gel, and abdomen slimming gel.

Additionally, SKEYNDOR MEN has professional products for in-salon treatments — diamond exfoliant gel, titanium facial mask, O2 energizing concentrate along with a series of treatment protocols to ensure men receive best results and experience which meets their requirements and proves beneficial for them.

The extraordinary efficacy of the range is a result of the innovative selection of ingredients, which SKEYNDOR has scientifically demonstrated to produce visible results.

  • The resin from the Croton lechleri tree, known as Dragon’s Blood extract comes with remarkable healing effects. It repairs the tiny micro-cuts men obtain during shaving.
  • Adaptogen agent, Siberian Ginseng helps men’s skin maintain homeostasis, in stressful environments.
  • Taurine, an ingredient with osmoregulatory properties, protects the skin from moisture loss, and dermosaccharides bind to the corneal layer and permanently moisturise the skin reducing skin irritation.
  • Enantia chlorantha alga reduces the skin’s natural production of oil, refining the pore size and normalizing mixed and oily skins.

SKEYNDOR products are designed to make men of all ages feel well-groomed and confident to brave the challenges of modern life.