A dehydration preventing treatment which helps remarkably decrease wrinkles

Healthy and hydrated skin is happy skin. It looks and feels good and that’s what everyone needs! When it comes to understanding skincare for healthy and radiant skin, the importance of skin hydration is almost unmatched. While it may sound simple, skin hydration could be a little tricky. Where we understand that the skin needs water, what we need to dig into a little deeper is that it might need a little more than just that one layer of your favourite moisturizer.

Healthy skin thrives when it’s well-hydrated. It improves the overall texture and appearance of the skin making it soft, supple and radiant. While dehydrated skin is usually linked to the skin being dry, it can also be oily. When the skin is dehydrated the most common symptoms is that it feels tighter, looks dull, and becomes more prone to premature ageing, congestion, inflammation, and breakouts. Skyendor’s Power Hyaluronic Treatment is a revolutionary skincare procedure that reverses the adverse effects of dehydration leaving you with soft, supple and healthy glowing skin.

Power Hyaluronic range

This natural skin hydrodynamics treatment combines hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with aquaporin activator for optimum degree of hydration. Formulated to hydrate the skin in depth, the range also protects the skin from premature water loss caused by aggressive external agents.

Salon treatment kit

This consists of the following products:

  • Hyaluronic Intensive concéntrate
  • Aquaporin massage gel
  • Polarised wáter solution


  • 90% improvement in wrinkles caused by dehydration
  • 100% ultramoisturizing in one sesión resulting in optimum degree of hydration that lasts for 24hrs
  • Special massage techniques, using Selenite stones makes the whole experience very pleasant and exclusive

Home care products

This consists of the following products:

  • Intensive Moisturizing Cream for dry to very dry skin
  • Intensive Moisturizing Emulsion for normal to combination skin
  • Moisturizing Booster for all skin types
  • Intense Hydrating Mask for weekly care of dry and dehydrated skin

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