These new generation of cosmeceutical peels promise immediate results for skin imperfections without any downtime 

ADerma Peel Pro from Skeyndor, is based on Multilayer Sequential Technology. It combines 5 peeling techniques to achieve perfect skin. It uses high concentrations of actives for better efficiency and renovating performance. It is the first sequence multi layered peeling for brightening, whitening and anti-ageing.

The application of Derma Peel Pro is performed in three different phases to obtain the maximum results. These phases are, Pre peel phase, Peel phase and Post peel phase.

In the Pre Peel Phase, Skin is prepared to receive the peeling treatments. In the Peel phase, Intensive treatment with acid and enzyme peels is done followed by the Post phase, where the neutralizers and biologics are used to normalize the pH of skin. Skeyndor uses Lipsome encapsulated, biological exfoliants. It works on weakening the desmosomal cohesion of the skin without harming it.

DermaPeel Pro Professional treatment is available in 2 forms: Timeless Peel sequential system and Brightening peel sequential system.
Timeless Peel Sequential System combines action of 3AHA’s, Glycolic and Lactic acid with a renovating action to treat medium wrinkles and Mandelic acid to minimize pores.

Brightening Peel Sequential System combines action of Glycolic acids for deep renewing action, with Citric acid and Phytic acid to reduce the pigmentation.
Home Care Rangeincludes:

Resurfacing Peel Cream/Emulsion – are available in cream and gel form. It stimulates the generation of new skin – epidermis – that is more smoother and luminous. It contains SPF 20.

Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel – is an Intensive exfoliating concentrate with acids and biological peptides. Its formula purifies and renovates external skin layer.
Resurfacing Peel Concentrate 15% – Intensive exfoliating concentrate with acids and a α-hidroxy acids. It triggers the generation of a new skin-epidermis-smoother and brighter.

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