Rica Research & Development Laboratories launches a brand new range under its hair styling segment to enhance the hair styling game

Rica Styling range is a creation by the Rica Research & Development laboratories. Designed to empower hairstylists with the tools to sculpt limitless looks and express unique styles, the range has five dedicated lines: curl, volume, wave, smooth, and style. Each line has a dedicated purpose providing customizable results in sync with the latest trends. One can exquisitely elevate their style with options like styling cream, dry shampoo, modeling clay, hair brume, and more.

The cutting-edge products combine advanced technologies with natural ingredients, catering to all hair types. The transformative Rica Line Complex features Zeolite, Quinoa, Opuntia ficus-indica stem extract, and HeatProSP. This dynamic blend deeply hydrates, combats frizz and humidity, and forms a protective barrier against pollutants, thermal styling, and UV rays, resulting in resilient, vibrant, and beautifully styled hair.

Rica Styling Range

Dry Shampoo: This spray adds volume, texture and revives hairstyle. Its natural ingredients absorb excess sebum, leaving hair with a matt effect.

Thickening Cream: This ultra-light thickening cream adds volume to hair all day long. It removes frizz with an anti-humidity action and protects hair against thermal styling.

Volume Powder: Its fine and light texture adds support, volume and defines fine hair.

The Hair Brume: The warm and embracing notes of this light hair fragrance are released at every movement of the hair.

Perfect Finishing Spray: This thin and uniform invisible spray with light to medium-strong to fix any kind of look. It resists humidity and can be easily removed with a few brush strokes.

Plumping Hair Mousse: A soft and light texture mousse that gives volume, hydration, and control to the hair, making it easier to style.

Volumizing Hair Spray: It releases a light lotion that beautifies hair with texture and volume.

Unique Matt Clay: Ideal to make strong and decisive looks, this is non-greasy, ultra-flexible modeling clay with a matt effect.

Smooth Styling Cream: Ideal to control thick, messy, and frizzy hair, the ultra-light protective cream smoothens, moisturizes, and gives definition, control, and shine, with an anti-frizz action.

Curl Shaping Cream: Ideal for wavy to curly hair, the cream has anti-frizz and blocking action against humidity. Its ‘memory curl’ technology defines curls and sustains it for a long time.

Modeling Paste: This is non-greasy, ultra-flexible modeling paste with a matt effect.

Defining Hair Gel: Has a non-heavy transparent formula that gives immediate hold and flawless shine to recreate any desired style.

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