Skeyndor’s new Power Oxygen range promises to fulfill the oxygen needs of the skin


All of us are aware that Oxygen is life. It is the basic element used by living organisms to obtain energy from nutrients. Agoodsupply of Oxygen ensures good health. It gives skin a healthy color, luminosity and radiance.

As the age progresses, thediffusion of oxygenthroughthecapillariesstartsreducing. Aaerobiccapacity declines, lung fitness declines, bone and muscletissuesdecrease and theskin becomesdevitalized.Insufficientlyoxygenated skinshows regular appearance of blemishes, uneven skin tone andlack of luminosity. Skin becomes rough and flaccid, and theappearance of acne and pimples,irritation and rednessbecomescommon.

Skeyndor’s recently launched Power Oxygen Line aims to provide the much needed oxygen to the skin. A perfect range for stressed and suffocated skin, it is an ultimate remedy and the go-to product for your client living in an urban environment that attracts pollution and dust. This

line contains high content of Perflurodecalin, an oxygen attracting molecule, as well as two complimentary polysaccharides with protective effect. The product line is a great combination of oxygenating, anti-pollution, anti-oxidatant, detoxifying and pre-biotic active ingredients for intense purification and an all round protective effect.

The Power Oxygen Line from Skeyndor brings relief with it’s exclusive system – CITY POLLUTION BLOCK+O2, which provides OXYGEN to the skinand creates a barrier against the environmental pollution. Duration of theIn-Salon treatment is about 60 mins, which includes massaging with a gel to remove the pollutants that have penetrated into the skin. Pure O2 is penetrated into the skin along with application of refreshing detox mask that gives anti-oxidantprotection.

Home Care Use productsinclude

  • City Pollution block gel cream (for Combination & Oily Skin)
  • City Pollution block Cream(for Normal to Dry Skin)
  • City Pollution Barrier Boosting Serum, that acts as guard againt’s the city pollution

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