Wella Passionista Elton Steve shares how professional hair styling products are necessary to maintain hair style

As a Wella Passionista, what advise would you like to give to all professional hair stylists?

A tip I would love to give all hair stylists is that no matter what technique you use, or what collection you are inspired by, always leave your own personal mark and add your own unique touch to every job you do. Seek inspiration from everyone and everything, but leave a touch of YOU.

What are the Balayage alternatives to try for in the upcoming year?

Balayage is a hand painting technique. Every time you paint, it can be different …..so change up the strokes. Maybe try being a little heavy-handed or light handed compared to what you did for the client before, so basically challenge yourself with the painting motion to create a different dimension than you are used to.

What are the at-home hair care and product usage recommendations?

Opt for a professional product range. My best bet would be the System Professional Range by Wella. I’ve worked really hard to educate myself to give you the best hair-cut and colour. Now you do the same, and buy a professional home care product!