Versatile tool to create innovative hairstyles

With a brand line that says, ‘Our Tools, Your Art’, for Mr. Barber, hairstyling is not just a routine, but an art form. With this ethos at its core, Mr. Barber’s product line-up is a testament to its innovative spirit, offering hairstylists and enthusiasts alike a diverse range of tools designed to make hair styling an effortless and creative endeavour.

Mr. Barber Multi Tong

Mr. Barber Multi Tong is the latest innovative release. With 4 interchangeable barrels for multipurpose styling, the Mr. Barber Multi Tong is a versatile tool that empowers stylists to create a myriad of styles like bouncy curls, sleek waves, glamorous Hollywood curls etc. Gone are the days when an entire arsenal of hairstyling tools cluttered the vanity case.

  • The tourmaline ceramic barrels heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly
  • Adjustable temperature settings to suit fine, delicate, thick and resilient hair

Each of Mr. Barber’s specially designed barrels caters to a wide spectrum of hairstyling needs and preferences.

A quick look at the purpose of each barrel:

Thin Wand: Engineered to create tight, defined curls, it’s perfect for individuals who desire a

more structured and compact curling pattern. These curls exude sophistication and can add a touch of glamour to any look.

Creative Wand: This versatile tool characterized by its tapered end, allows for more creative freedom in styling. Its unique shape makes it perfect for achieving a variety of looks like loose waves, spiral curls etc.

Classic Wand: The Classic Wand boasts of a barrel with a versatile width, making it a reliable choice for achieving classic, bouncy curls. It strikes the perfect balance between sleek and voluminous curls, offering flexibility for various looks.

Soft-wave Wand: Ideal for crafting loose, effortless waves and soft curls, it helps create a natural, relaxed look that embodies a beachy, carefree vibe.

Mr. Barber takes pride in delivering professional-grade products, and the Multi Tong is no exception. You can expect salon-quality results in the comfort of your home with this ingenious hairstyling tong.

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