The blast of nourishment for healthy hair

the milk_shake Make My Day is an exclusive in-salon service that has intensive nourishing properties. This new repairing and regenerating treatment comes with a unique mix of boosters. Each booster is formulated for specific hair needs and can be combined with the make my day nourishing milk conditioner for a delicious, extra nourishing sensorial experience.


Make my day shampoo for super soft hair: A beauty blend with a gorgeous fragrance that leaves hair soft and shiny. Its creamy texture makes this delicate shampoo perfect for all hair types without removing the hair’s protective film.

Make my day conditioner: A creamy milk texture with a gorgeous fragrance detangles and smoothens hair. It helps calm down the scalp, giving it a cooling sensation.

The Whipped Cream: It’s like a serum and a leave in.

Boosters: The booster is a pack of 6 and is available in 3 ml sachets. Available in the following options for different hair type and condition:
Strawberry: Regenerates and nourish fine or chemically-treated hair
Blueberry: Protects and strengthens colour-treated or lightened hair
Papaya: Hydrates and gives shine to coarse, dry hair


  • Shine
  • Volume
  • Nourishment

The Make my day range uses 3 extraordinary ingredients that will make hair soft, manageable and shiny, even with frequent washing.

  • Milk proteins: Strengthens the hair from within, deeply nourishes and conditions the hair’s structure
  • Goji berries: Its high vitamin and mineral content is the ideal solution for dry, dehydrated and dull hair
  • Strawberry and raspberry extracts: Regenerates the scalp with an invigorating and antioxidant action


  1. Shampoo the hair
  2. Apply the booster
  3. Apply the scalp-safe conditioner
  4. Relaxing massage
  5. Rinse and apply the whipped cream
  6. Dry the hair

milk_shake’s Make My Day aims to transform the cleansing routine with delicious, creamy, soft textures, vanilla fragrance and ingredients of natural origin.

“The specialty of the treatment is that it gives a lot of nourishment with milk proteins derived from quinoa, soya, whey etc. and Integrity 41. This is a patented ingredient with Milkshake. The main ingredient is sunflower seeds that helps to strengthen the hair.”
Nidhi Aggarwal, Senior Trainer, Milkshake Hair India, Absolute Beauty Concepts