Ikonic’s iconic hair styling tool elevates hair styling with AI & Infrared technology

In the world of hair care, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Ikonic Professional Pro Titanium Shine 2.0 Hair Straightener (PTS 2.0) is here to transform the hair styling experience. This remarkable device is a powerful tool designed to cater to diverse hair types and styling preferences.


The highlight of the Pro Titanium Shine 2.0 lies in its cutting-edge features

AI Function: This automatically detects the hair type and adjusts the temperature accordingly. It ensures the ideal heat settings for the hair, minimizing damage and maximizing styling results. Whether the hair is fine, coarse, or somewhere in between, this hair straightener has got you covered.

Infrared Technology: Use of non-damaging heat promotes the appearance of healthy and strong hair. It helps to maintain the overall health of the hair. The infrared tools are highly effective on clean hair, reducing the need for expensive additional products. Another time-saving benefit is the ability to style the hair in a single application, as the infrared heat provides extra shine. The Titanium plates and Infrared

technology generates negative ions that stimulate natural oils within the hair shaft, resulting in lustrous and healthy-looking hair. PTS 2.0 also effectively eliminates frizz and static, locking moisture into the hair for long-lasting styles.

Professional Titanium Plates: Engineered to provide consistent and even heat distribution, this ensures that every strand of the hair is styled to perfection.

1.75 Inch wide Plates: This allows to cover larger sections of hair and significantly reduces styling time.

Beveled Edges: This multipurpose styling tool makes it perfect for those who love to switch their looks.

Digital Temperature Display with Adjustable Temperature Settings: With a temperature range spanning from 130 to 235° Celsius, it ensures complete control over the heat settings. The digital display simplifies temperature selection, allowing to customize the heat level based on specific needs and hair type.

Ikonic Professional PTS 2.0 comes with professional PTC Heater. Along with 60 minutes Auto Shutoff Function and professional length 360° swivel cord, it comes with a 1-year warranty. Priced at INR. 7500/-, the Ikonic Professional PTS 2.0 is a game-changing tool that elevates hair styling experience to a whole new level.

For further information, visit www.ikonicworld.com