Wella Passionista Rohan Patel advises hairtylists to add their own element to the looks they create

As a Passionista, what advice would you want to give to all professional hair stylists?

As a Wella Passionista, the one tip I would like to give to all the hairstylists out there, is to really work on simplifying the look. Focus and try and get to the depth of the creation, and understand the thought behind the look. Try to understand the base of the look you are trying to achieve. Follow the trends to get inspiration but always add your own element to the look you are trying to create.

Balayage alternatives to try for in the upcoming year

I think Balayage is here to stay. It will continue to be a sought-after look this year too. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. For me personally, I work a lot with Brunette Balayage techniques but it is fun to play around with different sections, like big zigs, or work with brick sections. Try to get different lighting on same hair sections, or try to add some baby lights along with Balayage foils. Basically,don’t change the origin of the Balayage but play around and add your own personal twist to it.

How does overall health of scalp and hair help embrace the natural bounce?

A clean and healthy scalp is the most important thing for hair care. For hair to be truly bouncy and shiny as well as to ensure that hair transformations come out the best, it is important to ensure that both hair and scalp are clean and free of product build up. Go for an in-salon treatment or do scalp detox with products that help remove pollution, oil and dirt. Try a mild shampoo that can relax, soothe and hydrate your hair and scalp. I like to use Wella Elements range before starting my styling.