The event was an extraordinary celebration of education, style, and partnership

In the enchanting ambiance of Italy, the Cadiveu Professional International Conclave, took place from 4th to 8th September 2023. The event brought together salon owners, industry leaders, and Cadiveu enthusiasts for a one-of-a-kind experience.

A Fusion of Learning and Fashion

Cadiveu Professional International Conclave in Italy seamlessly blended education, networking, and fashion. Attendees benefited from enlightening educational presentations at the esteemed Cadiveu Academy while also engaging in group discussions.

Style and Unity

Adding a stylish twist, each day featured a distinct dress code, from black smart casuals to comfort wear. The photoshoot sessions captured the essence of individuality and unity within the Cadiveu community.

Celebrating SSIZ International Partnership

A significant number of salon owners were present at the conclave, along with representatives from SSIZ International Pvt. Ltd., a valued partner in their Cadiveu journey in India. The event recognized the enduring collaboration and support from SSIZ International Pvt. Ltd. in bringing Cadiveu Professional products to salon enthusiasts across India.

The Cadiveu Professional International Conclave in Italy was an extraordinary celebration of education, style, and partnership. It united salon owners worldwide, reinforcing the spirit of excellence and creativity that defines Cadiveu as a premium brand. As the conclave concluded, it left behind cherished memories, reinvigorated passion, and enduring connections. In the realm of salon ownership, learning knows no bounds, style is limitless, and partnerships are built to endure.