Tulah, a clinical wellness brand by KEF Holdings has opened its first property in Kerala. The 30-acre facility will offer different types of wellness services including, wellness education, healthy food, clinical wellness, fitness activities, and spa treatments. KEF Holding’s flagship hospital, Meitra will provide traditional Ayurvedic practices such as Tibetan medical ceremonies, yoga, sports, healthy eating, sound healing and a holistic living academy. According to Faizal E. Kottikollon, founder of KEF, the first Tulah property will blend medical sciences with traditional healing services along with fitness, healthy, organic eating and recreational activities. The resort will be powered by solar energy. It will have organic farming and composting along with radiant cooling.The resort is slated to open by March 2024 and will be built in a phased manner. It will have 130 rooms of which 50 will be operational by 2023.