In a bid to support the environment, Nivea has launched a new sustainable skin range called Nivea Naturally Good. All the products including Body Lotions, Deodorants and Shower Gels are eco-friendly and have 95%+ naturally-derived ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Even the packaging is environmental-friendly, making it a completely natural product range. The shower gels are packaged in a bottle made up of 97% recycled plastic while the deodorants are packed in glass bottles. The body lotions bottles are made with 50% less plastic that lets the consumer squeeze out the product till the last drop. These products also come in a ‘Care Box’ available with most of the leading e-commerce portals that reduces the use of packaging material and completely eliminate the use of plastics for delivery. All the products are reasonably priced and range from Rs.250 to Rs.399. They are available on Nivea website as well as other e-commerce portals and retail outlets.