14 Sep 2023

Kaya, one of the most trusted aesthetic dermatology brands, is celebrating 20 years of legacy through a thought-provoking #FlauntYourBeauty campaign.

In this campaign, the brand focuses on an important truth that people who undergo aesthetic treatments do not reveal it due to fear of judgement. Even celebrities and socialites who do treatments like botox, body contouring, fillers and hair regrowth are ashamed to talk about it. This puts aesthetic treatments in bad light. In the campaign, Kaya has encouraged people to normalize and accept these aesthetic treatments just like they would flaunt a luxury brand. It urges people to show off their treatments rather than hide them.

According to Rajeev Nair, Group CEO of Kaya, the brand has been helping a lot of people to create their own style of beauty, skin, body, and hair with the help of expert dermatologists. It has used cutting-edge technology from across the globe to offer highly effective and natural solutions.

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