15 Sep 2023

Himalaya Wellness Company has come up with a new ad campaign that questions conventional beauty standards and urges people to embrace self-expression. In a captivating video, the brand shows how to let loose from restrictive beauty practices and have equality.

The campaign begins with a creative whiteboard installed outside a mall that has taglines such as “Only fair is beautiful,” “Tea makes your complexion black,” and “Girls look better when fair”. The video captures varied reactions from mall visitors, where they share their unique experiences. They speak about the biases and stifling conventions.

As a gesture for their participation, Himalaya distributes the Rose Face Wash urging them to move towards a stereotype-free society. The next montage shows people posing with the facewash and the model’s face which was concealed earlier, emerges and she displays a confident transformation through the defiance of stereotypes.

The video ends with an important message of being your authentic self with a tagline, “Celebrate the Power of Being Yourself with Himalaya Natural Glow Rose Face Wash.”