Himalaya Wellness Company has partnered with the Society for Environment and Biodiversity Conservation (SEBC), to plant an additional 100,000 saplings of indigenous trees in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Through this initiative, Himalaya aims to preserve and maintain the biodiversity-rich forests of these regions. These 100,000 saplings are in addition to the 800,000 planted since 2012, with over 89 tree species, including rare-endangered-threatened species. This program also creates awareness among the local community about the landscape and provides them with employment. Some of the native saplings include Ashoka, Neem, Bamboo, Fig, Guggulu, Meshwak, Peepal, and Moringa. Himalaya believes in caring for earth. Seeped in a legacy of researching Nature, the brand has successfully been able to harness the science of Ayurveda through cutting-edge research to become a brand that is safe, gentle, and trustworthy. With a history spanning more than nine decades in herbal research, Himalaya has positioned itself as a brand that cares about not only enriching people’s lives but also safeguarding the environment.

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