30 May 2022

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is creating a wellness database for every country that displays the wellness quotient of the nation. This database will showcase every country’s position in the wellness market and will allow them to flaunt their wellness solutions.

Singapore is the first country to come up with wellness data. At present it is ranked 14th  out of 45 Asia-Pacific nations. It has been one of the fastest growing markets in wellness, increasing at 8.1% between 2017-2019 and also saw the least dip during the pandemic year of 2020, only falling about 6.4%. In 2020, Singapore was in the top 30 countries in many segments such as real estate, public health, and others.

As per GWI’s 2021 research report, The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID, the wellness industry will reach $ 7 trillion by 2025. According to Susie Ellis, GWI Chair and CEO, wellness is on an upswing and the GWI’’s country and region-specific data will be an important tool in the hands of government agencies, corporates, and investors to identify wellness opportunities in every nation. GWI will soon be making more country reports for the same.