The IHB Global Forum 2024 proved to be an outstanding success, offering extensive knowledge sharing and valuable insights for all the participants

The IHB Global Forum 2024, held from January 7th to 9th, 2024, at the Indore Marriott Hotel in Indore, MP, India, aimed to disseminate the knowledge and expertise of the IHB educational team to partner academies and salons. Its goal was to deepen understanding of the essence of IHB and the value of its education. The event garnered significant success.

The focal point of the event revolved around its central theme, ‘Bridging National and International Education’. It was aptly chosen to resonate India’s diverse education systems, which is most unique to India. However, the IHB partners from Pakistan were not able to join the event.

On Day 1, The Salon Management Forum on Beauty Education and Digitization aimed to bridge the gap between Beauty Education and Digitalization. It also explored the transformative synergy of education and digital advancements in the beauty industry. It was an enlightening discussion on the future of beauty management in the digital era.

The event comprised of 3 panel discussions. The participants who attended the event benefitted immensely from the knowledge sharing that took place at the forum. Trainers, academy owners and senior staff of salons and salon chains also benefitted the most. The knowledge acquired at the event would definitely help them improve the services at their workplace and educate their students with immense knowledge.

The forum was also a great learning experience for the participants. Emphasizing further, Nayana Karunaratne, Founder and Director of IHB Global said, “There were amazing new skills and fashions on display. Interest and commitment for the industry were equal among all nations who attended the forum. We also understood the importance of committed and intelligent product partners to develop the industry. Additionally, the panel discussion made us realize that the problems we face are all similar in each Asian country.”

Revealing more about the event, Unnati Singh, IHB Director India said, “Leading #IHBGlobalForum2024 at Indore Marriott as Director of IHB India Edu was an exhilarating journey. With precision and passion, we crafted an event where knowledge flowed seamlessly, connections blossomed, and innovation thrived. I am grateful to Nayana Karunaratne, Founder and Director of IHB Global Forum for the collaborative efforts that made this forum a beacon of education and inspiration in the heart of Indore.”

With this event, the industry-academics partnership fosters growth in industry standards. Known to offer one of the best hair, beauty and barbering curriculum in the world, IHB Global Forum is the only institute that offers comprehensive textbooks and provide education in the chosen language of the student as hair and beauty skills do not have a language barrier.

“The industry at the moment share varying standards in education – some very high and some very low. IHB wishes to maintain equal standards for every salon and academy,” shares Nayana.

“IHB, established to provide globally recognized hair and beauty skills education to Asian countries, arranged the IHB Global Forum to showcase to the world what we offer, in quality standards, innovation and creativity. The Forum invited all stakeholders of IHB, the Board of Governors who control the education programs and experts from the industry. India emerged as the favoured destination, with Unnati Singh, the Director of IHB India, orchestrating a magnificent showcase in Indore, serving as an exceptional hostess.”
Nayana Karunaratne, Founder and Director of IHB Global Forum


The event concluded with the spectacular IHB Fashion Show, featuring an evening of elegant style and culinary excellence, followed by a sumptuous dinner.