Hair Masters Luxury Salon, Faridabad raises the bar for beauty

The Hair Masters salon in Faridabad offers a bespoke and personalized beauty journey tailored for every client. The salon offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients. It has dedicated sections for make-up, hair services, and beauty treatments. The salon also focuses on the training and education of its staff, emphasizing a high standard of expertise.


Hair Masters Faridabad is a spacious luxury salon with over 4000 square feet. With a colour scheme of matte black, pearl white and various shades of beige, it has dedicated areas for make-up, hair services and beauty treatments.

Rehman Arifi, National Education & Business Development Director at Hair Masters Luxury Salon, shares insights into the salon’s design philosophy, “The salon’s interior is designed to have a classy and elegant feel with a few standout features like marble paintings, single teal-coloured sofas, comfortable cushioned chairs for clients and large mirrors. The inspiration behind the salon’s interior is to provide a rich and royal ambiance where clients can feel relaxed & luxurious when they enter.”


From the moment you step through the doors, you’re greeted with an ambiance of opulence and sophistication, setting the stage for a truly personalized experience. The expert stylists and beauty professionals are dedicated to understanding individual needs, ensuring that each treatment is not only luxurious but also perfectly suited to enhance the natural beauty. Rehman shares, “Upon arrival, we engage in detailed conversations to understand individual preferences, crafting a bespoke and memorable salon experience.”


Hair Masters sets the standard with a premium product portfolio. Renowned brands such as Ikonic, Alan Truman, Kérastase, L’Oréal, and Olaplex grace the shelves for hair services, while makeup enthusiasts can indulge in HUDA Beauty, NARS, MAC, Esteè Lauder. The nail services boast of products from OPI, Faces Canada, and other leading brands.


The salon maintains a rigorous training program, conducting weekly staff meetings to set targets and goals. In these meetings, Rehman passionately emphasizes the core values of efficiency, task orientation, and professionalism. Through staff discussions, the team is equipped with the knowledge of punctuality, attire and overall excellence, ensuring they stand out as one of the best-trained in the industry.

Rehman shares, “Prioritizing staff education, our salon conducts weekly meetings to set targets, fostering efficiency, task orientation, and goal-focused performance. These sessions cultivate

an open atmosphere for questions, clarifications, and insights into punctuality, professionalism, and attire. This holistic approach instils a culture of excellence, earning our staff a well-deserved reputation as some of the most well-trained professionals in the salon industry.”


Hair Masters upholds a stringent hiring process, focusing on individuals with a strong background in the industry.

The two-round interview process, blending theoretical and practical assessments, ensures that only the most qualified and skilled individuals join the Hair Masters team. Rehman states, “We hire based on fieldwork, considering experience, skill acquisition and practical utilization.”


The salon adapts sustainable practices. Considering environmental concerns, he shares, “To ensure sustainability in our salon, we prioritize maintaining a well-equipped space with monthly stock reports for essentials. Regular deep cleaning by a disciplined staff to uphold high hygiene standards. Collaborating with eco-friendly hair care brands guarantees a luxury experience with sustainable products. Continuous staff education focuses on staying up to date with trends, techniques, and discipline, aligning our salon with the industry best practices.”


Hair Masters envisions expanding its reach and elevating its services by analyzing client preferences. Rehman expresses, “We are expanding and attracting a larger clientele, setting specific targets aligned with their desires. We aim to enhance the salon’s offerings, focusing on services that resonate most with our clients.”


Choosing to enhance my look, I decided on a transformative experience at the salon, opting for a global hair colour and a premium pedicure. Rehman, a seasoned brand trainer with an in-depth understanding of various products and techniques, guided me through this beauty journey. Rehman’s commitment to education shone through in his personal growth and in fostering the development of the salon staff.

Rehman takes a hands-on approach and works closely with the team to tackle any challenges in the salon, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. The process of achieving the desired hair colour was successful, resulting in a vibrant and stunning outcome. On the other hand, the premium pedicure was a relaxing experience, making the entire visit enjoyable.


Name: Hair Masters Luxury Salon Faridabad
Address: SCF-14 SEC -14 Huda Market Faridabad -121007
No. of Staff: 61
Timings: 10am to 9pm
Contact: +91 – 9971130118
Signature Treatments: Bluetox, Biotin, Nanoplastia